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Welcome to the Australian Pole Sports Federation!


We are a not-for-profit federation dedicated to promoting Pole as an athletic sport. Our aims include:  

  1. Providing the pathway for Australian pole athletes to qualify for the World Pole Sports Championships (WPSC). 

  2. Achieving recognition of pole as a sport with the Sports Australia and the Australian Olympic Committee, enabling our Australian athletes to enter the Olympics when pole reaches this ultimate goal.

  3. Bringing together Australian pole athletes as a community, supporting one another in our passion for pole sports. 

  4. Promoting this fitness activity, which incorporates physical and artistic skills, throughout the age span, from kids to masters.


The APSF is a  proud member of the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) who governs pole internationally, by setting in place a structured competition, coaching and education format that has been accepted by international sport governing bodies. The IPSF has been awarded Observer member status of the Global Association of International Federations (GAISF), and are Signatories of the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA).  The goal of the IPSF and the APSF is for the Olympic committee to recognise Pole as an official sport and in turn eventually become part of the Olympic Games.

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Meet the Team

Mikki Rhoades

Mikki has a strong history in community development, project management and fundraising across the education, disability, and community services sectors.  She has held various leadership roles on community based management committees and currently works as an educational librarian with a focus on inclusive resourcing.  Mikki is excited to be supporting diverse health and fitness opportunities for the community with her association with the Australian Pole Sports Federation. 

Jude Perrett

Jude has chased adventure in her adult years and found the pole adventure in 2008.  A founder of the APSF, she is also an IPSF certified Judge and Coach.  She has competed at the World Pole Sports Championships three times: as a doubles competitor with Amy Davidson in 2017 and 2019 and as a solo athlete in 2021, where she was thrilled to place second in the Masters 40+ Womens category.

As a physiotherapist, her passion is helping people achieve their physical potential and she sees being involved with pole sports as an extension of that goal within the broader community. She is excited to be part of the journey of the development of pole sports in Australia. 

Norelle Daly

Bio to come.

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Christie Kurrle

Christie discovered international pole sports in 2015 and began competing in 2016. With a career in sport, sport's science and teaching, Christie found Pole Sport to be the perfect fit to challenge the body physically and creatively. Experiencing inter-national competition made Christie acutely aware of how popular Pole and Aerial Sport's are worldwide and the wonderful camaraderie that exists between athletes irrespective of language, country or culture. Through her involve-ment as an athlete and committee member, Christie seeks to raise the profile and visibility of Pole and Aerial Sports in this country so that Australian athletes of all ages may experience this sport and develop their skills to compete at regional, national and international level.

Sara-May Monaghan

Sara-May first discovered her passion for pole back in 2006, when she walked into Bobbi’s Pole Studio on a whim and joined up on the spot. She loved it so much, she bought a home pole on the way home from class. 

She’s a passionate and experienced pole and aerials instructor, a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, and a barre instructor.

Sara-May is the Australian 2021 Masters 40+ Professional Women’s Pole Sport Champion, and is both an IPSF Endorsed Coach and an IPSF Certified Judge.

Sara-May specialises in working with Pole Sports and Aerial Sports athletes, and loves seeing her students get stronger and more confident than they ever thought possible.

Dave Wilson

Dave’s pole adventure/addiction started in 2013 after being introduced to his first pole class. He relishes the complete physical and core strength training pole requires, the endless challenges available, and the general inclusive nature of the sport. Dave is a strong believer in the positive influence on self-confidence, self-image and personal development pole provides. He performs  together with his doubles partner, Tasmin.
Dave has a PhD in biochemistry and a MBA and currently works at James Cook University, Cairns, Australia. Dave shares the drive of the other members of the APSF committee to see pole sports recognised nationally as an official sport, and introduced into the Olympic Games on the international arena. He is thrilled to be involved in working towards goals for the benefit of the Australian and international pole sports communities.

Anne d'Arx

Anne first discovered pole over 10 years ago when a friend invited her to watch their first performance, from then on pole became a passion and obsession. Anne is the owner and lead instructor of Wings Aerial Fitness in  Yass NSW and has been teaching pole sport and fitness for over 5 years. Anne is a qualified internationally recognised pole instructor, Remedial and Sports massage therapist, Sports trainer, Trainer and Assessor, Chair Yoga and mini trampoline instructor, currently studying to be a Personal Trainer and also looking forward to gaining her IPSF coaching and Judging certifications. Anne’s studio focuses on teaching technique, safety and adaption for all ages, body shapes and sizes. Anne loves the inclusiveness of the pole community, the self-confidence and body positivity that pole can provide, the strength required and variety of pole, there is always something new to learn. Anne is thrilled to be on the Australian committee and being involved in the International Pole Sports Federation and its goals for the future.


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