IPSF Courses

IPSF Courses


The ISPF competition season usually kicks off near the beginning of the year and culminates at the Worlds in October.  Code of Points courses are run throughout the year.  Judges Courses are usually run in the off season, from November to March/April.  The APSF HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that all athletes complete a Code of Points course in their chosen discipline to enable them to best prepare for the competition and make the very most of their training.

We also want to have a full Aussie judging panel from 2022.  Please become an APSF member to keep up to date with what's happening and if you would like to become a judge. 

Head to www.polesports.org/courses to register for the desired course.

IPSF Code of Points Course


"Develop successful Poles Sports routines in accordance with IPSF requirements for all levels of competition.”

"Develop successful Aerial Hoop routines in accordance with IPSF requirements for all levels of competition.”

There are two courses available- Pole Sports COP and Hoop COP.

Level 1 Code of Points

  • Provides an introduction to the scoring system, including technical and tactical elements. 

  • Designed for athletes wanting to create IPSF-compliant routines and gain an understanding of the judging criteria.

  • What's involved: About 5 hours of study, followed by a 5-hour tutor-led online training session and a written assessment. 

  • Cost: £40 (approx $80)


IPSF Judges Course


“To judge transparent and fair  competitions in line with the International Pole sports Federation Code  of Points and Rules and Regulations.”

Level 2 Certificate in Judging

  • For those who want a much more in-depth understanding of the IPSF scoring system. 

  • Includes ethics, rules and regulations components. Qualifies participants to judge IPSF national competitions.

  • What's involved: An 8-phase course comprising written and practical tasks and 2 days of tutor-led instruction.

  • Cost: £135 (approx $260)


Being a Level Two Judge will enable to you judge IPSF competitions and apply to judge the World Pole Sports Championships.  It will also make you a supremely prepared athlete and coach.

IPSF Coaches Course

To become an IPSF registered coach, you will require:

  • A current IPSF Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics Certificate OR a current Anatomy & Physiology Certificate which includes Warm up & Cool down techniques.



  • A current IPSF Code of Points certificate (pole, hoop or both depending on the discipline/disciplines your athletes will compete in) OR a current IPSF Judges certificate.

  • The WADA Alpha certificate. This is a free course: https://adel.wada-ama.org/

  • Apply online with your certificates here: